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10 Heating Tips You’ll Want To Utilize This Season

10 Heating Tips You’ll Want To Utilize This Season

When the temperature outside drops, the temperature on your thermostat tends to rise, right? It’s common for homeowners across the country to raise the temperature a few degrees inside to make up for what’s going out outdoors, but that will have a direct relationship (and not the good kind) on your energy bills. So, what can you do to keep warm without breaking the bank this winter? Find out below!

1 – Keep Your Feet Warm

When your feet get cold, it’s common for the rest of your body to feel cold, too. So, start from the ground and make sure those toes are kept warm. It’s a good idea to wear warm socks or slippers around the house and if you still feel cold, add an extra layer up top, too!

2 – Add Carpets or Area Rugs

Not only do carpets and rugs act as a layer of insulation inside your home, they’ll also help keep your feet warm on cold days. Just think about the difference between standing on a tile floor and standing on a soft rug when temperatures dip below freezing.

3 – Use Heat You Already Have

Instead of turning up the thermostat, you may want to cook your meals in the oven or on the stove. This heat given off by these appliances will keep nearby rooms warm and you’ll enjoy a warm meal — it’s a win-win.

4 – Swap Your Bedding

Still have those lightweight spring and summer sheets and blankets on the bed? Take them off and store them away until the weather gets a bit more pleasant. Use heavier materials like flannel or fleece during the colder months of the year for additional warmth.

5 – Consider a Programmable Thermostat

With one of these, you can set different temperatures for different hours of the day and not have to worry about manually changing them. This will help you save on energy bills especially while nobody is home.

6 – Lower The Water Heater

This is a big energy consumer, especially if you’ve got yours set too high. We recommend leaving it at 120°F or lower. After all, a water heater that’s set too high can cause severe scalding.

7 – Allow Sunlight In

Keep blinds, shades and drapes open during sunny days to allow the sun’s warm rays to enter the house. This will help heat the house naturally.

8 – Trap Heat at Night

Now that you’ve let the warm sun in all day, keep the warmth inside by closing blinds, shades and drapes at night.

9 – Be Mindful of the Fireplace

When it’s not in use, be sure to close the flue and the doors of the fireplace. This will prevent warm air from inside the house escape through the chimney.

10 – Schedule a Check-Up

Maintenance is the key to keep energy bills down all year long. If you can’t remember the last time you had a professional check-up, it’s time!

To make sure your furnace runs at optimal levels, we recommend having it adjusted by a technician on a regular basis. Regular maintenance will ensure that the internal parts do not get corroded, and that the combustion process is efficient. Give the friendly staff at American Mechanical a call today with any questions you may have.

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