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4 Key Benefits of a New Air Handler Unit

4 Key Benefits of a New Air Handler Unit

Another month, another high energy bill. Sound familiar? We all work hard enough, we shouldn’t have to spend large sums of our paychecks in order to live in comfort, right? Well, there are lots of things you can do to enjoy the luxuries of life without feeling like you’re breaking the bank. Today, we’re going to discuss some of the key benefits of having a new air handler system installed. Why? Well, a new system can alleviate some of those problems associated with astronomical utility bills.

What is an Air Handler Unit?

This is the component of an HVAC system that moves air throughout your home. It’s often referred to as the “blower” and it can be found inside the home, usually.

Air handlers work with both heating and cooling systems and they actually look like a furnace at first glance. They are made up of the blower, heating and cooling elements, a filter or multiple filters, and dampers.

Benefits of a New Air Handler:

  • Advanced Air Filtration: most units today consist of at least two successive banks that house the filters. They are used to keep the downstream components clean and therefore, results in fresher, cleaner air that is blown through your home.

  • Increased Reliability: these systems were not designed to last forever and a new system will give you more peace of mind when it comes to reliability. If your current system requires frequent repairs, it’s worthwhile to invest in a new unit.

  • Quiet Operation: older units tend to make more noise, especially as they become worn. A newer unit will operate more quietly and more efficiently.

  • Decreased Air Leakage: over time, components wear out which can lead to air leakage. What does that mean? It means higher energy bills and wasted money.

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