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5 Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance

5 Signs Your AC Needs Maintenance

With summer in full swing and weather often reaching scorching temperatures, ensuring that your air conditioner unit is well maintained is paramount. A house that is too hot is equally uncomfortable as a very cold one.

Does Your Air Conditioner Need Maintenance?

With this in mind, it is important to have a qualified technician examine your air conditioning unit carefully to see if the performance is good. To avoid a last minute rush, we provide you with a list of five signs to observe in your AC and call the air conditioning maintenance team before the damage is beyond repair. The five signs are:

Sudden Rise In Your Power Bill

If you have been paying a certain amount of power bill every month and suddenly the bill starts to rise even if you have not added any load in your house or office, it is a sign that the air conditioner may be faulty and is thus losing some energy or drawing more to keep up with air conditioning demands of your premises.

Have You Heard Unusual Noises Coming from Your AC?

The noise ranges from a high pitched whistling sound to buzzing or a humming one. Be keen and note the change. A high pitched noise is often the result of reduced air flow which happens when the air ducts are clogged. This means that the AC is trying very hard to pass the air.

A humming sound is an indication that the motor or the capacitors are failing. Damaged blades also result in unusual sound, all these are issues that should be addressed immediately.

Going On and Off from Time to Time

This is so common with older air conditioning units. It can also happen to newer machines necessitating the need to consult the professionals. In most cases, this issue is as a result of failures in the thermostat, but it’s best to have an expert take a look.

Constant Repairs Year In & Year Out

Frequent repairs are a sign of system failure. It is just a matter of time before the entire system fails. Do not wait for this time, consult a reliable firm to come give you proper advice. It could be time for you to invest in a new AC.

Leaks or Moisture Around the AC

Inspect the area around your AC system. If you notice some moisture around it that is unusual, then there is a possibility that your AC’s refrigerant is leaking and it is a problem that should be repaired immediately.

When it is time to consult a technician to come repair your AC, you need to hire a reliable company, one whose technicians are certified, with experience. In Virginia Beach, American Mechanical is one such team that you can contact any time of the day.

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