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5 Ways To Keep Your Home Pollen Free

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Pollen Free

With Spring in full force in Hampton Roads, you’re certain to detect sounds you’ve missed from the previous year. The birds return with their seasonal tunes, as do your neighbors’ lawn mowers and leaf blowers. If the area around your home is populated with pines and oaks and other trees, chances are you’re also serenaded by sneezing and sniffling. If you’re not careful, and the interior of your home becomes coated with pale yellow, a pollen infestation could mean problems for your home’s air circulation.

Short of sealing our homes off from the outside world with giant domes, it’s a challenge to keep your rooms a hundred percent free of pesky pollen. If you stay vigilant and take the necessary measures, though, you can reduce the level of allergens in your home so it remains a healthy refuge. Just remember these five steps:

Keep it closed. Pleasant weather will tempt you to open windows and patio doors, and if you do be sure to check the day’s pollen report. If the count is high, keep everything closed and make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed.

Keep it clean. Pollen falls from the trees and leave fine yellow mist that lands everywhere – especially in your hair and on your clothes. It’s important to keep laundry in one place, preferably in a garage or mudroom away from where you sleep, and that everybody bathes regularly. If you find you’re having issues with hot water and plumbing, keep American Mechanical on dial to make an appointment for repair and inspection.

Keep it cool. You may not feel it now, given the changes in temperature, but soon you’ll have the AC working full-time again. It’s a good idea to check your filters and have one of our team replace them if needed. The cleaner the filter, the better for catching allergens before they have a chance to circulate.

Keep it outside. Drill it into everybody at home, wipe your feet before coming inside. Shoes track in dirt and pollen every day, so make sure you leave what you can at the door. After vacuuming what does hide in your carpets, empty your cleaners outside so nothing escapes. If you find it a challenge to vacuum because of electrical issues in your home, don’t forget we specialize circuit breaker repair and installations.

Keep it washed. Look at your car, is it supposed to be yellow? Even if the answer’s yes, you’ll still detect pollen on the windows, so make sure your ride gets a nice wash or spray. Better yet, if you have a garage make use of it, and contact American Mechanical if you have problems with ventilation in your storage areas.

Pollen is a nuisance, but it doesn’t have to ruin your Spring. Do your best to keep your home clean and let our team help with the HVAC and plumbing, especially Norfolk air conditioning replacement and repair, so everybody at home stays healthy and allergen free.

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