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5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom A Bit More Beautiful

5 Ways To Make Your Bathroom A Bit More Beautiful

Bathroom Decor Tips Designers Swear By

Bathrooms that are dirty and outdated can make you hesitant to even go in them, let alone bathe or shower there. On the contrary, bathrooms that are clean and personable will be much more inviting and can even drastically increase a home’s value. So, if you’re in the market for a major overhaul or simply want to replace a few fixtures, here are a few details you’ll want to keep in mind.

1 – Traditional Isn’t Always Best

If you want to make a statement in your bathroom, you may want to avoid going with traditional finishes and materials. Instead, you can opt for vibrant paint colors, and fixture finishes such as champagne bronze or matte black.

2 – Add Some Greenery

When it comes to houseplants, whether real or fake, the bathroom is not usually a room that homeowners think to add them to. However, adding some greenery to a bathroom can make it feel a bit more warm and cozy and could even help promote better indoor air quality.

3 – Focus On Lighting

A well-lit vanity is the key to making your bathroom and yourself look better! We always recommend using more than one light source to help eliminate shadows and we suggest using warm bulbs rather than bright white to create a more welcoming ambiance.

4 – Cheaper Isn’t Necessarily Better

When it comes to fixtures like the shower head, you definitely don’t want to go too cheap. A luxurious shower head can quickly and easily add a sense of luxury and glam to a bathroom that could be lacking these features in other areas. Rainfall heads are the perfect option.

5 – Incorporate Plenty Of Storage

If personal items, towels and other toiletries are sprawled out all over your current bathroom, it’s time to get organized. When it’s in the form of a large vanity, a closet, or built-in shelving the more space you have to keep your items neat and tidy, the better.

Shower and Tub Installations in Virginia Beach

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, trust the experts at American Mechanical. It’s important to have an efficient shower and tub combination at home for your health and well-being, and that’s why American Mechanical hires the best plumbers in Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach to see to your bathroom renovation needs.

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