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6 Ways To Warm Up A Cold Room

6 Ways To Warm Up A Cold Room

How To Stay Warm Without Cranking The Heat

You don’t have to pay a fortune to stay warm. There are practical ways
to heat up a cool room without having to touch your thermostat. Keep these
tips in mind when you want to make your space more comfortable without
the costs associated with cranking the heat:

1 – Pay Attention to Your Windows

Heat loss through windows is one of the most common reasons rooms are cold.
To warm up a room and spend less on heating costs, make sure your windows
are always tightly sealed. Weatherstripping kits can seal up hairline
cracks that cause air to escape; insulation window treatments can also
be applied to reduce heat loss and stabilize a room’s temperature.

2 – Put Down a Fluffy Rug

Rugs can help prevent heat loss through floors. Not only that, but they
also provide another source of warmth and are much more comfortable to
walk on than wood, stone or tile.

3 – Cook a Big Meal

Turning on the oven and using the stove can help warm a cold kitchen. Make
a big pot of soup, bake a few trays of homemade cookies or whip up another
family favorite. Avoid dishes that produce a lot of steam; the moisture
increases your indoor humidity levels, which make it harder for a room
to feel warm.

4 – Make Good Use of the Sun

Pull back the curtains during the day to allow as much sunlight indoors
as possible. Sunlight can naturally warm up the house without turning
the dial on your thermostat. At night, use thick curtains to prevent heat
loss, and place any furniture against the walls to block out the cold.

5 – Close Your Doors

Shut the doors to any unused rooms when you’re home; this will prevent
the heat from moving throughout the house and center it in the space you
want to be in. You should also close any heating vents in rooms you aren’t
using. Sit tight, snuggle up and tuck in for a cozy evening.

6 – Invest in Some New Blankets

In addition to dressing for the season, make sure that you swap out your
cooler linens for some better insulation. The best types of blankets for
winter are made of flannel and thermal cotton; wrap yourself in one of
these when you’re in bed or relaxing on the couch for an extra layer
of warmth.

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