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A Crack In The Heat Exchanger Can Be Dangerous

A Crack In The Heat Exchanger Can Be Dangerous

A crack in the heat exchanger of the furnace is a dangerous situation!

The heat exchanger is the heart of your gas furnace, can cost a lot of
money to repair and may go totally undetected until the homeowner performs
routine maintenance on the unit. This creates a life threatening situation
and demands your immediate attention.

The non-technical definition of a heat exchanger is a series of tubes or
ribbons inside your furnace that form a sort of chamber. The heat exchanges
is designed to separate the hot gases and flames of the heating system
from the forced air passing over it, and being spread throughout your home!

When the furnace is ignited a flame is generated. That flame and the hot
gases are routed into the heat exchanger, and eventually out of the flue
or exhaust system. When the blower turns on, the air is forced to pass
through or over the heat exchanger, this causes the warmed air to go throughout
the house as forced heat. While natural gas or propane burns very clean,
the combustion process can produce small amounts of carbon monoxide!

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly killer as it is odorless, colorless, and
tasteless so the homeowner has no idea it is present…until it is
too late! Without an approved CO detector, you will never know it is there.
When your heat exchanger has holes, cracks or rusted out sections, the
air from the heat exchanger is actually spreading throughout the house.
Having an inspection of the furnace and HVAC system can catch these deadly
situations before they become deadly.


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