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AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

You can’t avoid summer’s heat. You can avoid summer A/C breakdowns.

Ahh, spring in Hampton Roads. It’s a great time to open the windows and enjoy the outdoors. But blink and it will be over. Summer’s heat is right around the corner. At American Mechanical, that means we’re about to start fielding some pretty frantic phone calls.

“My air conditioning went out!”

“My system is working, I think, but it doesn’t really seem to be cooling things down.”

It’s the dead of summer.People are hot, tired and miserable. Their HVAC warranty is no good because they can’t prove the system was serviced annually. The repair bill is a huge expense they never saw coming.

Regular service and AC maintenance is the best way to avoid costly summer breakdowns and repairs. Even if you feel like you may have let your warranty lapse, it’s critical that you schedule a tune-up and get your system running efficiently and back on track in time for summer.

Annual HVAC service saves you money in the long run. Our studies show that having your HVAC unit maintained annually can save you an average of $30 a month. And remember: Even though your system may be cooling down your house, it may be working harder than it has to in order to reach your preferred cooling level. In short, you may be paying more money on your electricity bill for less cooling in your home.

HVAC tune-ups save you money by maximizing your system’s energy efficiency and cooling capacity, and can extend the overall life of your HVAC unit.

There’s a good reason warranty agreements require proof of annual service: Heating and cooling a home for just one year takes a big toll on a central air conditioning system.

Air ducts, registers, grilles and diffusers become covered in pollen, dirt and other airborne particles, while blowers, belts, coils and fans work overtime keeping things comfortable.

Across Norfolk, Virginia Beach and beyond, American Mechanical’s highly trained technicians are ready to get your HVAC system in top shape.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more.

Our new home care agreement can keep you comfortable all year long. Have your A/C unit running at its peak before the summer heat begins. American Mechanical offers fast, friendly tune-up appointments that fit your schedule.

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