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AC Zoning

AC Zoning

If you have trouble heating and cooling certain rooms in your home, you probably think you’ve tried everything – from adding a ceiling fan or tower fan, to closing off vents in other rooms. If this hasn’t helped, you may want to look into having more control over your comfort.

If you think about how your home is positioned, you may quickly realize that the sun beams in some rooms all day, but others don’t even see the daylight. Or perhaps some rooms have better ventilation than others. There is a solution so that you can get the comfort you want in each specific area of your home.

Zoned Air Conditioning Systems

If you have realized that some rooms or areas in your home need to be cooled or heated at certain times of the day, while others may not, zoning systems can help.

Zoned systems work by letting you have control over different zones or areas in your home. Each zone is run by an individual thermostat, giving you complete control over which areas are cooled or heated in your home. The dampers that are inside your air conditioning unit work by opening or closing at the times the thermostat tells them too. This helps control which rooms receive the heated or cooled air throughout the day.

What Are The Advantages of Installing AC Zoning?

If you are wondering what the advantages of a zoning system are, here are just a few positives to consider:

  • Zoning systems can be so intuitive that they can monitor the temperature in each zone, making adjustments as they are needed.
  • A zoning system can save you money on your energy bills. You can heat or cool only the areas you need, greatly reducing your energy consumption. You can enjoy individual climate control. For example if one resident in your home likes to sleep at a cooler temperature while the other prefers their bedroom a little warmer, separate zones can create the ability to give you individual temperatures.

If you have a home that could benefit from a zone A/C system, you may want to look into installing a new air conditioner or upgrading your current system.

Why Choose American Mechanical to Install Your AC Zoned System in VA Beach

Here at American Mechanical, we work hard to ensure you are getting the best customer service and the highest quality work possible. We commit ourselves to providing solutions to our customers that both fit their needs and are energy efficient. Our technicians are master licensed technicians; this means you are getting the best knowledge in the area when it comes to upgrading, replacing, repairing, and maintaining your HVAC system. Contact us today. We offer 24 hour emergency service in Virginia Beach and will be there when you need us.

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