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Adopt-a-Drain in Virginia Beach

Adopt-a-Drain in Virginia Beach

We here at American Mechanical would like to introduce our community to the Virginia Adopt-a-Drain Program.

What is this program?

The Adopt-a-Drain Program empowers the community to help keep pollution out of lakes and streams. People in Virginia Beach are able to adopt a storm drain by selecting their very own to take care of. Studies show that 50% of the pollution in Chesapeake Bay, Back Bay, and the ocean is due to storm water runoff.

Why Should You Adopt One?

Debris and unwanted materials find ways into storm drains, which means trash is hanging out in our local waterways. There are currently forty thousand storm drains across this city. Public Works regularly inspects each of these drains, however getting to forty thousand drains and responding to maintenance requests in time can be cumbersome.

This is where the citizens of Virginia Beach can help! Adopting a drain and taking on the duties of keeping it as clean as your own yard would assist keeping our waterways pollution-free. All you have to do is sweep or rake up leaves and dirt around the drain. Then collect any trash around the drain and disposing of it is.


  1. You can sign up at:

  2. Search the map for an available storm drain

  3. Claim your drain and give it a name

Stay Safe!

When you go to visit your drain for maintenance, never lift or remove the drain cover, never reach into the storm drain either. Always put safety first.

If you feel you can’t adopt a drain, that’s perfectly ok, keep in mind this number to report any storm drain polluting (757) 385-1470 or email us​.

Learn more by visiting here.