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American Mechanical Saves You Time, Money & Hassle

American Mechanical Saves You Time, Money & Hassle

After a long, hot, steamy summer like this one, even the beach bums &
bunnies are looking forward to fall! But before you get too excited for
crunchy leaves and cooler weather, you still have to survive one of the
hottest months of the year: August.

With American Mechanical, you get a one stop shop: Installation, Maintenance
& Repair! Regularly checking on your HVAC system can help us get a
jump on the elements. Check out our money-time-hassle saving tips below
to stay cool all summer long!

1. Check all doors and windows for gaps through which cool air might escape.
Inspect the door locks, caulking, weather stripping, glass for cracks
and screens for tears. Holes in your home are the easiest way to waste
AC – save money by checking and replacing these items as needed.

2. Check & clean gutters – and install a gutter guard! When the
heat fades and the leaves begin to fall, you’ll be glad you did!

3. Check & change your AC filter! An old, dusty or dirty filter can
dramatically reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. While you’re
in there, take a quick look at the condition of your AC unit. If it’s
looking dusty or run down, it might be a good idea to call American Mechanical
for an inspection. We’ll take a look and let you know if it’s
a simple parts replacement or a lost cause –
and we install, too!

Call American Mechanical today for all of your Plumbing & HVAC needs in Virginia Beach, Norfolk,
Chesapeake & all of Hampton Roads!

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