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Autumn Prep Tips for Any Homeowner

Autumn Prep Tips for Any Homeowner

Preparing Your Virginia Beach Home for Autumn

Virginia Beach homeowners, autumn will be here before you know it — but is your humble abode ready to take on the cold, crisp weather that comes with it? Sure, the summer sun may still be shining high in the sky, but it will disappear when you least expect it.

To stay ahead of the seasonal change, here are some autumnal-based preparation tips to take into consideration:

Fall Home Prep Tips

Have Your Heater Tuned-Up

Last year, before the colder temperatures crept into your home, did you have your heater tuned up? If you did not, you might want to consider booking an appointment this year. A tune-up is a fantastic way to get to know your heater better — and we don’t mean on a social level.

When you book an appointment, a certified HVAC technician will come to your home and inspect your heating system from head to toe. If they happen to stumble upon anything out of the ordinary, they’ll let you know right away and present solutions to the problem. That way, you won’t be left in the cold when you need to rely on the warmth of your heater the most.

Search for Air Leaks

While it’s always wise to search for plumbing leaks, you should also be on the hunt for air leaks. While they may not seem like a significant, grandiose problem at the moment, on colder days, chilly gusts will creep into your home — and the warmth produced by your heating system will escape, putting your unit into overdrive and raising your energy bills in the process.

To start, examine the main “problem” areas you’ve noticed years before, such as old windows and doors. Once you find the source of the leak, consider using weatherstripping to insulate each of these problematic features.

Change Your HVAC Filter

Can you recall the last time you changed your home’s HVAC filter? If you cannot, consider making the switch before the temperature drop arrives. Doing this will help your unit perform much more efficiently and make it simpler for it to achieve the desired temperature you’re looking for with ease.

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