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Central Air Conditioning Sizing

Central Air Conditioning Sizing

When it comes to purchasing a new central air unit for your home, the right size can make all the difference. Purchasing equipment that is too big for your home can cost you more at the start and throughout the central air’s whole life. By buying a system that is too big, you will find that energy will be wasted as your unit will cycle on and off much too frequently. This cycling can reduce the life span of your equipment and cause your power bills to be much higher than they need.

How Do You Find The Right A/C Size for Your Home?

There are energy efficiency maps that can help you work out what the best sized unit for your home will be. These maps take into consideration which county you live in, and how much square footage your new unit will need to cool.

For example if you live in certain counties in Virginia, for a 1500 square foot home, you will likely need a 2-2.5 ton heat pump in your system. This will ensure that your home is cooled efficiently without over cooling.

Professional Central Air Conditioner Sizing

If you are looking to cool and heat your home efficiently, using the correct sized cooling/heating unit will provide you with a comfortable home, and comfortable energy bills.

The best way to get the correctly sized unit is to consult a central air professional. They can either come out to your home and assess your current system, and the needs of your homes space, or you can provide them with basic details over the phone and they can give you an idea of what the right system for your home should include.

Whether you need central air conditioning installation in Virginia Beach, the professionals at American Mechanical are ready to help. At American Mechanical, we’re Trane Comfort Specialists and install a variety of energy efficient Trane air conditioners.

If you’re looking to save money on your company’s heating and cooling bills in the Virginia Beach area, a new, energy efficient air conditioner by Trane with professional installation by American Mechanical is what you need. Our HVAC technicians will help you determine the right unit, size, and placement for your home or business.

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