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Common Air Leak Sources In Your Home

Common Air Leak Sources In Your Home

When it comes to your home heating, your climate control is only as successful as your home insulation. A properly sealed home is a warm one! So, we here at American Mechanical are providing you with the most common air leak sources in your home, so you can better protect your space from inadequate heating.

Here are the common air leak sources:

Doggy Doors

If you have a four-legged family member, their doggy door can be a source of heat loss in your home. As these doors are made to swing in and out, they are not airtight when closed. During colder months, it is best to seal off these entry points to prevent heat loss in your home.

Loose Fireplace Dampers

A fireplace damper is a vent that controls the airflow within your chimney. When using your fireplace, your damper should be closed to prevent heat from escaping, as the damper stops all drafts from coming down your chimney. If this piece of your fireplace is malfunctioning, cool air can seep into your home, as heated air leaks out.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can allow for heat exchange through your attic or roof if not insulated properly. In order to ensure that your home is not subject to insufficient insulation, make sure your recessed lighting is installed by a professional and always ask about their plan for insulating your light fixtures.

Unsealed Windows and Doors

If you feel drafts when you move throughout your home, your windows and doors may need to be inspected for breaches in insulation. If you notice cracks around the molding of either your windows or doors, it is time to grab your caulking and weatherstripping and start repairing any noticeable impairments.

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