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Common Caulking Mistakes To Avoid

Common Caulking Mistakes To Avoid

3 Caulking Issues Homeowners Often Face

Caulk is an inexpensive product that can save you a small fortune when it comes to utility bills and can prevent the need to shell out a fortune in repairs. A well-done job can protect your home against cool drafts, heat loss and moisture intrusion, but if it’s not done properly you could be left with a dried, cracked or faulty seal. See below to familiarize yourself with some of the most common caulking mistakes people make so you can avoid falling into the latter category.

1 – Failing To Caulk Altogether

Lots of homeowners think caulk will last forever, or even worse, that they don’t need to use caulk around the house at all. Well, caulk certainly does not last forever — it will dry out and begin to fail over time.

Whether it has worn out or there is none to begin with, the lack of adequate caulk can cause some serious damage and therefore, seriously high bills.

2 – Making The Wrong Cut

The tip of a tube of caulk is tapered, and it’s for a good reason. It helps the tip fit in the space in need of caulk nicely, but it all depends on how you cut it. You want to cut the tip slightly smaller than the opening you need to fill, which means you may need to make the cut further down the neck rather than at the very tip.

3 – Forgetting To “Tool”

Tooling is the name given to the process of using your fingertip to smooth the bead of caulk after it is applied with a caulking gun. This forces the caulk to fill the entire gap and it helps create a clean, neat appearance rather than having the caulk bulge out of, or around, the space.

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