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Does Plastic Window Insulation Really Work?

Does Plastic Window Insulation Really Work?

How To Eliminate Drafty Windows

Old windows can provide a home with lots of charm, but they can also provide homeowners with astronomical energy bills. Drafts may not be as noticeable during other seasons of the year, but we’re going to guess you can definitely identify them as soon as temperatures begin to drop. Well, if you have old, drafty windows you essentially have three options: you can leave them alone and continue paying a small fortune to heat your home each winter, you can replace them (but that will likely cost a pretty penny), or you can attempt to seal them with plastic wrap. The real question is — does window film actually work?

How Can I Test For Drafts?

The first method you can utilize to test for drafty windows is the paper or tissue test. Close the window on a piece of paper or a tissue. If it moves back and forth, or up and down easily, this is a good indication that you have a draft.

The second test you can try is the incense or candle test. Light an incense stick or a candle and hold it around the seams of the window. If the smoke wafts in a particular direction or the flame looks like it’s blowing around unnaturally, you likely have cool air coming in.

Will Sealing Windows Save Me Money?

The short answer is, yes, according to Energy Star . Leaky windows can allow warm air from inside your home to escape out into the cold and leave you feeling chilly inside your own home. When that happens, it’s natural to head over to the thermostat to crank the heat up a few degrees, but when you do that, your energy bills rise as well.

By sealing up leaks and drafts throughout the house, you can potentially cut energy bills by 20 percent or more.

How Does Window Film Work?

Window film, or shrink-to-fit plastic wrap, can be installed over your existing windows. Its job is to cover up cracks, gaps and holes so that warm air stays inside your home and cold air stays out.

First, you’ll want to clean the window(s) and the frame(s). Then size out the plastic wrap and cut it, leaving a few extra inches of slack on each side. Apply the adhesive first, then apply the film and then use a hair dryer to shrink it and tighten it into place.

Save on Utility Bills With a Heating System Replacement or Repair in Virginia Beach

We know the importance of saving money on energy bills and that holds true for your heating system in general. When it comes time for a heating system repair or replacement, you can trust the experts at American Mechanical for a job well-done. Give us a call today at (757) 899-1554 .