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Don’t Fall Victim to these Shower Habits

Don’t Fall Victim to these Shower Habits

Water pooling in the corner of that upstairs shower? Are those unnoticed shower habits doing damage to your bathroom? If so, don’t fall victim to these lousy shower habits in the future.

Whether you forget to turn the faucet off as the water overflows in the bathtub before taking that relaxing, Epsom salt filled the bath, or you left a loofah hanging up in the shower to dry, it may be time to take a look at your bad shower habits.

Taking Long Showers

While it is relaxing after a long work day, taking a long long shower can actually be bad for your skin. Long hot showers can remove moisture from your skin and leave you feeling dry and itchy afterward. A short shower of 5 to 10 minutes is the best time.

Leaving Water On The Floor

Sure, not only do most of us kick that ice cube that fell on the ground under the fridge, but most people tend to walk out of the shower and move onward with getting ready for the day. One thing you should really go back and double check, water on the floor. Did any miss your shower mat on the bathroom floor? Do you have a shower mat? It may be time to get one if you don’t and if you notice any puddles of water, clean them up! Leaving standing water on the ground over and over can destroy your grout if you have tiled floors, warp the floorboard, lift the linoleum, and or cause mold growth.

Hanging Your Shower Loofah

Do you have the best loofah in the world? Was it expensive? Was it cheap? That doesn’t matter, this next one is a gross fact. If it hangs up and it isn’t dry, the dead skin cells you’ve left on it is a breeding ground for bacteria. While it’s wet, it just multiplies. Hang it up and make sure it’s rung ou dry. If you live with someone, hang it outside the shower to avoid it getting wet again until your next use.

Hard Water

Ignoring the hard water build up on our shower heads. There are two effects hard water could have on you and your shower heads. Hard water can be annoying for your hair and skin by drying them out! Meaning you’ll need to spend more money on hair conditioner and moisturizers. Hard water also blocks up the spout of your showerhead, making it work less efficiently. Clean off the spout with your shampoo if it has minerals in it or uses= some vinegar to remove the blocks in your showerhead.

We hope we were able to bring some attention to bad bathroom habits that we should break. If by any chance you hit any major emergencies with plumbing in your bathroom, contact us today: https://americanmechanicalva.com/.

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