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Energy Saving Holiday Decorating Tips for Businesses

Energy Saving Holiday Decorating Tips for Businesses

It’s the holiday season, which means your business may be busy decorating windows, entrances, and shelves in preparation for the winter festivities. Holiday decorations, like indoor and outdoor lights, holiday inflatables, train sets, and more, can all contribute to higher energy bills around the holidays. Keep reading to learn how your business can save some extra cash this holiday season.

LED Lights

Light emitting diode, or LED lights, are one of the easiest ways to prevent extreme energy bills this holiday season. LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional, incandescent lights, and do not contain filaments—reducing energy loss due to heat to virtually zero. Look for specially marked LED packages when purchasing holiday lights, and check out how much your business could save this holiday season by switching to LED decorative lighting with Duke Energy’s holiday lighting calculator.

Turn Off All Electrical Decorations

The simplest way to save energy this holiday season is to turn off all electrical decorations during closed business hours or when not in use. Don’t waste energy and money by leaving your lights and decorations unattended for hours. Simply unplug on your way out the door and plug back in when you return to work the next morning!

Use a Timer

If you’re too busy (or just downright forgetful) to turn off your holiday decorations, consider connecting your electrical decorations to a timer. Use the timer to set exact times you want lights and other electrical decorations to turn on and off to closely monitor your energy use.

Use Homemade Decorations

If you’re looking to save energy and money this holiday season, skip buying expensive holiday decorations and use homemade decorations. Using homemade decorations rather than store bought electrical decorations saves money and energy not to mention is a great activity for employees to bond and work with one another outside of work.

From everyone at American Mechanical, have a safe holiday season! Have a question about your company’s electrical use during the holidays? Contact us today!

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