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Everyday DIY Plumbing Practices

Everyday DIY Plumbing Practices

Have you ever had an annoying plumbing problem occur at the worst time
and wished you could fix it yourself? Believe it or not, you don’t
have to be a certified technician to handle certain plumbing business
yourself. While we always encourage you to reach out to a professional
when the issue calls for it, there are some things you may be able to
do for yourself. Look at three possible plumbing problems you can do yourself!

Unclog Blocked Drains

It is aggravating to do your morning routine when the bathroom sink clogs.
Clogs in sinks are very common because of draining elements from hand
washing and hair brushing. However, you can perform a simple DIY maintenance
task to clear it.

  • Take out the spring tab in the sink stopper
  • From the sink trap, remove the ball valve
  • Then, take the removable plug out from the sink
  • Remove gunk from the drain

Strengthen Shower Water Pressure

Showers are relaxing but they can be maddening when the low water pressure
won’t rinse the soap off. You might initially think there is a problem
with water pipes. Before jumping to worse-case-scenarios, you may be able
to easily restore water pressure by cleaning lime buildup on your showerhead.

  • Remove the showerhead from the attached hose
  • Detach the spray plate
  • Put the spray plate in a bowl filled with a descaling solution
  • Keep it submerged for the time specified on the descaling solution
  • Before you replace the showerhead, flush out any lime from the pipes

Clear Clogged Toilets

A plunger, in some cases, won’t get the task done for a blocked toilet.
You can get a hint that the toilet is clogging when the water slowly drains
from the top or it might stop draining altogether. If this happens, all
you need is a snake to clear your toilet.

  • From the drum, pull out a portion of the snake as needed
  • Secure it by tightening the retaining nut found at the body’s top
  • Insert the snake into the toilet’s waste flushing system until the
    blockage dislodges

We Are Here for You

Sometimes, not all plumbing battles can be won or remain persistent. If
you are in need of assistance in the Virginia Beach area, give American
Mechanical a call for professional help! Our Virginia Beach plumbers are
prepared to do routine maintenance services like toilet plunging, water
leak detection, drain cleaning, and more.

Call our trained team today.

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