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Generator Installations: How to Prepare During Hurricane Season

Generator Installations: How to Prepare During Hurricane Season

A hurricane is a major storm that can cause a considerable amount of damage.
Many times — depending upon the severity of the storm — the
electricity and lighting supply can be lost due to the storm. Because
the Virginia Beach area is no stranger to serious storms, make sure you
are equipped with a generator to avoid this type of issue.

Emergency backup generators should be available especially when a hurricane
is on the horizon. Power could be out for days, even weeks, when a hurricane
hits. Therefore, it is critically important that you are fully prepared
for just about anything when a major storm is predicted.

Two types of generators commonly used are:

  • Standby generator
  • Portable generator

Permanent standby generators are installed outside of the home. Standby
generators receive their power source from:

  • Natural gas
  • Existing fuel source
  • Liquid propane

Most generators will kick in within less than 30 seconds after the power
is lost. As soon as power is lost due to a hurricane, the utility line
will be automatically disconnected. Once the utility line is disconnected,
a new power line from the generator will be automatically connected. The
new power source will then supply electricity. This type of generator
provides an excellent power source for emergency situations.

A portable generator can be easily stored within a garage area. It is best
to store a portable generator unit in a garage area due to the fact the
generator is powered mainly by gas. Of course, you certainly do not want
to bring gas into the home.

Some very important tips to follow if you plan to use a portable generator
unit for back up electricity and lighting source:

  • Never add the fuel while the generator is running.
  • Stop the generator only when electrical loads are disconnected.
  • Have a working carbon monoxide detector nearby.

Portable generators are a good electricity source; however, keep in mind
that they do release carbon monoxide. Therefore, it is a good idea to
have one or more carbon dioxide detectors inside the home or office when
running a portable generator. The carbon monoxide detector can help save lives.

If you have never used a generator before, it is critical you learn how
to operate the generator in advance. In addition, it is important to determine
what size generator will best suit your needs. Having professionals who
can come out is important in ensuring everything is installed correctly.

Finally, prior to purchasing any backup generator, there are a few critical
things you must consider in advance:

  • The type of backup generator you will need
  • Budget the amount you can realistically spend
  • The size of the generator required to supply sufficient power

If you are unfamiliar with generators in general it is best you consult
with someone who can educate and explain everything you need to know about
generators and their primary function. Our Virginia Beach generator experts
at American Mechanical can help you.

Call us today to get started.

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