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Heaters Gonna Heat

Heaters Gonna Heat

Chill Out & Heat Up

As the weather grows cooler and the days get shorter, your HVAC unit will
need to shift gears. When it’s time to heat things up, American
Mechanical, Inc. is here to help rekindle the fire.

Your HVAC has worked hard all summer to keep it’s cool, and now as
we enter the mild days of fall, it may enjoy a brief respite. Use the
downtime wisely, however, because soon enough you’ll be calling
on your system again.

As with any relationship, your HVAC may need a little warm-up before things
can get hot. Show some love to your heater, and you may be surprised at
how enthusiastically it may respond!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it’s true. With the
Home Care Agreement offered by American Mechanical, Inc. you can take steps to make sure that
your HVAC system lives a long, functional and efficient life by your side.

Why Won’t You Look at Me?

Take a good, long look at your HVAC system’s hardware. Is there
debris building up on your outside unit? Are the coils or tubes showing
wear, tear, and damage? The physical appearance of your HVAC unit is a
reflection of its practical wellbeing. If it’s been neglected and
ignored, chances are good that it looks it.

Take the time to clear away any dirt or leaves that may be adorning the
unit, clean, lubricate or clear blockages as necessary, or call American
Mechanical, Inc. to take care of the dirty work. That’s what we’re here for!

Baby, It’s cold Outside.

As the temperature drops outside, the pressure falls on your HVAC to warm
things up inside. We all know that any successful relationship is give
and take, and your HVAC needs some help now and then. If your home is
not properly insulated, then all the hot air your heater is pumping won’t
stick around.

Check the insulation around your windows, doors and vents. Light a match,
a candle or a stick of incense and hold it up to the cracks around these
areas. Does the smoke waver or shake, or does it hold steady? If the smoke
is disrupted, then air is getting through that crack.

Don’t Let Me Out of Your Sight.

You can’t take your HVAC everywhere, but you can keep an eye on
the thermostat and your monthly bills. Keep the thermostat consistent.
Do the bills match? If not, then you’re losing energy somewhere.

With an annual checkup and some regular maintenance, your HVAC should run
smoothly and efficiently. If that’s not the case, then we’re
sorry to say your system may be suffering from neglect.

A quick visit from American Mechanical, Inc. is better than couples’
therapy for you two! We’ll have you co-existing peacefully once
again in no time.

Contact us today to learn more about our Home Care Agreement and HVAC installation,
maintenance and repair services.

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