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Home Vacation Checklist

Home Vacation Checklist

Are you ready for your summer vacation? Just because your bags are packed, your flight is booked, and your hotel is ready doesn’t mean you’re prepared to leave! There’s plenty that you need to do around the house in order to make sure it’s ready for your departure.

Prevent ridiculously high energy bills and unexpected disasters by following our checklist.

Water and Gas

The first thing on your to-do list should be turning off the water and gas. This will eliminate the chance of accidental flooding in the event of a burst pipe and could save you from a gas leak or house fire.

Additionally, don’t forget to turn your water heater onto vacation mode. This won’t shut it off completely, but it will lower the temperature so that your water isn’t sitting at 125 degrees Fahrenheit the entire time you’re away wasting energy.


A smart thermostat will eliminate your need to do this, but if you haven’t upgraded yet, then make sure to adjust your thermostat before you leave. There’s no need to keep your home cool and comfortable while no one else is home. We don’t recommend turning the AC off entirely because this will cause a huge surge in energy use when you return, so just increase the thermostat by a few degrees.


Make sure to close the windows throughout your home so it doesn’t get too hot, as well as for security reasons. We also recommend closing the curtains and blinds throughout your home to keep sunlight out but also to prevent nosey neighbors and suspicious people from peering into your house while you’re away.


You should get into the habit of unplugging your unused appliances, whether you’re home or away. The coffee maker, toaster, and air fryer don’t need to be plugged in and drain your electricity all day long, especially when you’re on vacation!

Enjoy your much-deserved vacation!

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