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How is a Ductless A/C Installed?

How is a Ductless A/C Installed?

Installing a ductless mini-split system is quite a bit different from installing
a regular central forced-air system. For starters, a ductless system doesn’t
have ducts throughout your walls that it can use to feed air throughout
your home, and as a result it has to be installed differently in order
to maximize its efficiency and ensure proper operation. If you’re
unsure how this process works, here is a quick and simple explanation
of a ductless mini-split installation.

Drill Some Holes

A ductless mini split has both an indoor and an outdoor unit. In order
to connect them, you have to drill a few holes in your wall to place mounting
hardware screws, as well as a large hole clear through your wall so you
can run refrigerant lines and an electrical and control wire. Don’t
worry, you’ll seal it later.

Run The Lines

Once your holes are drilled, it’s time to run the lines through to
your outdoor unit. Push them through the hole in your wall and then connect
them to your outdoor unit using flared copper refrigerant line and PVC pipe.

Run the Power

The next thing you want to do is shut off the power to the circuit you’re
installing your mini split system on, then connect your indoor and outdoor
units together as well as connect your system to your main electrical
line. Keep the power off until you’re done with the installation.

Check for Leaks

An experienced HVAC professional will bring a leak-testing system that
runs a non-harmful gas like nitrogen through your lines under high-pressure
to check for any potential leaks. Once the network has been tested, remove
the gas and fill the system with refrigerant (many ductless systems come
pre-charged with the exact amount they need).

Cover & Fire it Up!

Once everything checks out, cover your lines with insulation (and a conduit
for appearance purposes), place a cover over the hole in your wall, and
you’re ready to test! Head inside, flip the electricity back on,
and then turn on the unit to test how it’s working.

Installing one of these systems can be tremendously difficult without considerable
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