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How Owning a Home Generator Can Keep You Safe

How Owning a Home Generator Can Keep You Safe

When harsh storms, extreme temperatures, or unseen circumstances take out
the power to your home (and the neighborhood), there’s a way to
get it back…

With a
home generator!

While it is convenient to always have power (even when a power outage occurs),
it’s about keeping your family and home safe during these troubling times.

1) Keeping the Temperature Constant

When the power goes out during the winter or summer, things can get dangerous
very quickly. Extreme temperatures can affect everyone, causing you to
become sick easily during winter and causing you to become weak and dehydrated
during summer. Homes with
older loved ones and
babies are at the most risk.

Not having your heating and cooling system to keep a constant temperature
can put your family at risk (as well as things like your plumbing pipes
freezing during winter). However, a generator can keep your heating and
cooling system on when you need it most!

2) Protecting Your Perishable Food

With no electricity to power your
refrigerator and
freezer, all of the items inside are now on a time limit. Not to mention that
with every opening of these appliances, the less time they have. If the
power is out for an extended period of time, everything inside could end
up spoiling.

Just like your heating and cooling system, your refrigerator and freezer
are at the top of the list of things that will be powered when a generator
is installed in your home.

3) Powering Needed Devices

For some families, medical devices are a part of their daily lives. These
devices are used to measure different levels within the body that need
to be monitored at all times for a good quality of life.

A loss of power can make this a dangerous time for those with certain medical
conditions that need
constant monitoring. For these families, a standby home generator is a must!

4) Secure From the Outside World

Power outages across the entire town or city can happen. When no one has
power, this can be an opportune time for burglaries and thefts to happen
— especially if you’re not home.

Having a
security system won’t protect your home if the power goes out, which means your
home is just as at risk as any other home on the block (and even more
at risk if you’re not home). Luckily, a standby generator will keep
your home powered, which will keep your security system powered and your
home protected.

5) Keeping Floods at Bay

During harsh storms, the power can go out. Do you know what else can happen
during these storms?

Flash floods!

Many homes that experience flooding often (usually homes with basements)
are hopefully equipped with a
sump pump to remove any standing water from the house. However, in order for the
sump pump to pump water out of your home, it needs to be powered.

Yes, some sump pumps come with battery backups, but there is no guarantee
the battery backup will last as long as the rain does. A generator is
the extra “flood insurance” your home needs!

If you want to protect your home and your family who lives in it, a standby
generator is the “no-brainer” decision you need to make!

For more information on home generators and your home’s electrical
system, make sure you give our pros at
American Mechanical a call!

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