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How to Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

How to Childproof Your Electrical Outlets


Infants and young children can be hard to keep track of, especially when
you’re busy multitasking around the house or in another room. It’s
virtually impossible to childproof your home completely, and children
will always find a way to get into trouble. One of the most potentially
hazardous parts of your home are electrical outlets.
Electrical outlets that aren’t childproofed can lead to electrical shock, first
or second degree burns, and can even be fatal to a young child. However,
there are a few safety precautions you can take to childproof your electrical
outlets and protect your children from injury.

Clean Up Your House

Children are curious; it’s in their nature. They often learn by imitating
activities they see from older siblings and parents. If you are constantly
plugging things into outlets—vacuums, lamps, etc.—chances
are your child might try the same. The problem is, kids may try to shove
something into an electrical outlet that does not belong. We recommend
trying to see your home from your child’s point of view. Lower yourself
to their eye level and crawl around the house, looking for any items your
children could potentially stick in an electrical outlet and store them
in a more appropriate place. Common items include:

  • Keys
  • Knives
  • Plugs
  • Paper clips and/or staples
  • Silverware
  • Plugs
  • And more

Outlet Protectors

Plastic outlet protectors are an inexpensive solution that fit directly
into outlet openings. However, children may figure out how to remove the
caps. If your child removes the plastic outlet protectors in your home,
they now pose a choking hazard to your child in addition to the electrical
dangers. Plastic outlet covers are better than nothing, but there are
better solutions to childproof electrical outlets.

Complete Outlet Covers

Complete outlet covers, also known as safe plates, effectively cover the
entire outlet and its switchplate. They also cover the ends of plugged
in cords to prevent children from easily unplugging your electrical device.
When installing a complete outlet cover, make sure the cover is securely
fastened to the switchplate so a child cannot easily remove it, but easy
enough for an adult to remove or change what devices are plugged in.

Tamper-Resistant Outlets

For only a few dollars you can update the electrical outlets in your home
with tamper-resistant, childproof outlets. These outlets feature a shutter
to open and close the outlet, blocking your child from sticking anything
in the outlet that could endanger their well-being.

Childproof Your Virginia Beach Electrical Outlets

If you live in the Virginia Beach area and have young children, we recommend
childproofing your electrical outlets as soon as possible. American Mechanical
is one of Virginia Beach’s trusted full-service electricians. We
can help you replace your current outlets with modern, tamper-resistant,
childproof outlets.
Contact us today for more information!

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