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How to Cut Down On Monthly Water Bills

How to Cut Down On Monthly Water Bills

Tips to help you reduce water bills

Reducing your house water bill may not be one of the most effective ways
to save money, but it also adds up if you’re not careful. American
Water Works Association is the body that is in charge of water infrastructure
in the United States.

It also engages in upgrading and improvements of both domestic and public
water systems. The cost of creating, maintaining and upgrading these systems
is in the long run passed to the consumers. Therefore, it is wise for
all residents to cut down their water bills. Especially with summer around
the corner, it is time to be efficient and careful with water usage.

The following are some of the best ways that can help you to reduce water
bills at your home.

1.Taking shorter showers

Taking four minutes less in the bathroom can help you save more than 350
gallons of water monthly. This saving translates to a saving of about
$9 in a month. It means that if you focus on taking a quick shower, you
are likely to save more money that can be pushed to other expenses such
as electricity and gas. If your household hosts a family of 4 or more,
keep this in mind.

2. Keep water taps closed when brushing your teeth or shaving

Leaving the water running while you brush your teeth or shave your beards
is a complete water wastage. You need to try as much as possible not to
make this mistake. Learn to fill a cup of water and use it for brushing
teeth or dipping your razor during shaving.

3.Practice storing cold water in the fridge

Make it a habit of filling a pitcher or two of water in your fridge. It
becomes even more water saving when you use a pitcher that has an attached
water filter. By doing this, you abandon the habit of letting water to
run so that you can get a cup of cold water, especially during hot days.

4.Abstain from hand-washing your dishes

You can save a lot of water when washing dishes if you use a dishwasher.
Research shows that one saves 1/6 of water when you incorporate a dishwasher.
Learn also to stop rinsing utensils on a running tap. Fill up a container
and use it to rinse off your dishes.

5.Low-flow tap and shower heads installation

Installing shower and tap heads that allow a low flow of water when showering
or washing dishes can help you reduce as much as 50% of the water that
you use. This reduces water wastage and in return saves money.

Contact American Mechanical today to receive more tips on how you can reduce
water and other house expenses using simple methods. We offer our clients
unequaled help when they need our services.

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