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How to Fix Broken Christmas Lights

How to Fix Broken Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a fun way to decorate for the holidays while turning your home into a winter wonderland. But, what happens when a single light bulb burns out or an entire strand of lights won’t light up ruining the aesthetic of your holiday decorations? The expected lifespan of a single Christmas light bulb is generally between 1,000 and 1,500 hours, or approximately one to three holiday seasons.

Keep reading to learn how you can fix broken Christmas lights, from a single bulb to multiple strands, without completely replacing an entire string.

How to Fix a Single Light Bulb

When looking at Christmas lights from a distance, it can be difficult to tell if just a single light bulb is burned out. If you do notice just one bulb on your strand of lights is not lighting up, there are a couple quick tricks to easily fix it:

  1. Securely fasten the light socket – Check to make sure each light is securely fastened in its socket within a series, or use a voltage detector to locate where the circuit is broken.
  2. Buy a test kit Hardware stores and other general stores, like Walmart, sell bulb testing and repair kits to easily test and fix any broken lights you may have. The tester will indicate which bulbs are bad and need to be replaced. It’s important to plug the strand of lights into an electrical outlet in order for the testing kit to properly work. Keep in mind, you may have multiple bulbs that are broken, so be sure to test each bulb on your strand of lights.
  3. Change the light bulb Usually, tightening or changing a single light bulb will fix the entire string of lights.

How to Fix an Entire Strand of Lights

Sometimes an entire strand of Christmas lights will not light up, which could be caused by a single blown light bulb or a deeper electrical issue within your home or business. To quickly test the entire strand, you can check the fuse in the string of lights. Find the plug on the strand of lights and remove the fuse covering. If you find one or multiple fuses discolored, replace with a new fuse from a local hardware store.

New LED Christmas lights are wired in multiple series, meaning a single bulb could be causing an entire string of lights to shut off (e.g. outdoor lights). If this happens, use the steps above to test and repair any broken bulbs causing your string of lights to shut off!

Residential and Electrical Repairs in Virginia Beach

If you’ve tested each light bulb and have no luck turning your Christmas lights back on, you may have a more deep rooted electrical issue than just a broken bulb or string of lights. For residential and commercial electrical repairs, call American Mechanical or contact us online!

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