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How To Go Green In Your Bathroom

How To Go Green In Your Bathroom

Is Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly?

One of the most visited rooms in a home is the bathroom. Whether it’s big or small, there’s a chance that this space could be increasing your carbon footprint, rather than lessening it — how so? Simple: Between wasting water and using cleaning products that can be harmful to the environment — just to name a few.

So, if you’re looking to lessen your carbon footprint and keep the most-used room in your home as green as possible, here are some tips to follow:

How to Make a Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Have Plumbing Leaks Repaired

According to the EPA, a leak can waste up to 90 gallons of water per day (or more). And whether you have a dripping faucet or showerhead, all of those plummeting droplets of unused H2O can add up and make for water waste. Therefore, the minute you spot a leak or hear a lingering drip coming from your bathroom, call a professional plumber to repair them.

Switch to a Dual Flush Toilet

Did you know that your toilet uses an excessive amount of water when flushed? In fact, it can use up to more than 1.6 gallons of H2O just to get the job done. However, there’s a better, greener solution to the problem at hand: A dual flush toilet.

This particular toilet model gives homeowners two different options to flush their “throne.” One of the flushes is more powerful, while the other is very subtle. A dual flush toilet can use up to approximately 1.28 gallons of water per flush — which is a lot less than a traditional commode.

Use Natural Cleaning Remedies

Although it’s highly essential to keep your lavatory as clean and sanitary as possible, some of the cleaning products you may rely on can hurt the space more than help it. Plus, many chemical cleaners can diminish your indoor air quality and cause more harm than good.

To help combat this, consider using green cleaning products (that have little-to-no chemicals in their formula) or natural cleaning remedies that can help make your lavatory sparkle, shine, and help disinfect it!

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