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How To Keep Your Home Cozy For Holiday Guests

How To Keep Your Home Cozy For Holiday Guests

Stay Warm Without Breaking The Bank

As you prepare to welcome your loved ones into your home this holiday season, it’s important to make sure your home is as comfortable as possible. While plenty of warmth will be shared between new memories and old traditions, your HVAC system will also play an important role this time of year.

Follow these holiday heating tips to keep your guests happy and cozy their entire visit.

Have Your HVAC Serviced Ahead of Company

Before guests arrive, have a professional HVAC technician come by and examine your system. Many common heating problems are not noticeable; you may have a build-up of dust in your ducts that prevent hot air from flowing as smoothly, or you could have a dirty air filter that needs to be replaced.

A furnace tune-up will make sure your heating system’s drain lines aren’t clogged, vents aren’t blocked and everything is in perfect order to heat your home this season.

Winterize Your Home

Weatherstripping kits and insulated window treatments can prevent heat loss. Applying these treatments to your home can also help eliminate drafts and keep your home warmer on lower thermostat settings, saving you money.

Add Extra Blankets in the Guest Rooms

You should lower your thermostat when you sleep to around 65-68 degrees, but some guests may like an extra layer of warmth. Make sure you have plenty of extra blankets for guests who tend to be more on the chilly side.

Check Your Water Heater

Make sure that your water heater’s tank has been flushed. More guests mean more hot water consumption, so you’ll need to make sure your water heater is equipped to handle the extra demand.

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