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How To Shut Your AC System Down For Fall

How To Shut Your AC System Down For Fall

Whether you’re still holding onto summer for as long as you can, or you’re welcoming fall with open arms, the day will soon be here where you need to shut down your air conditioning system and accept the fact that colder temperatures will be here to stay. With that said, there are a few things that all homeowners should do to ensure the system is shut down properly and that your home is ready to take on fall. See below to find out how to power down the AC when it’s no longer needed:

Turn Off The Power

Head outdoors and located the outdoor unit. There should be a shut-off box located somewhere on the outside of the unit that contains a power switch. Flip the switch of the “off” position so that it won’t power up if somebody accidentally switches the thermostat setting during the fall or winter.

Clean The Condenser

When the leaves change color and eventually fall off the trees, they end up all over your yard and could encroach on the condenser unit. Pick a nice day this fall to clean up around the condenser — this includes removing leaves, sticks and other debris within a 2 foot radius. It’s also a good idea to spray down the components and the fan blades with water and letting it dry before covering it up.

Flip The Thermostat To Heat

Now that you’ve taken care of the outdoor components, it’s time to switch the thermostat over to the heat setting. Even if you don’t need heat quite yet, it’s a good idea to test the heat now to ensure it’ll be ready to go once the first frigid day comes around.

HVAC Installations & Maintenance in Virginia Beach

Now that you’ve properly shut down your cooling system for the season, it’s time to get your heating system up and running. Give the experts at American Mechanical a call today to schedule furnace maintenance and we’ll make sure your home is comfortable and cozy all fall and winter long!

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