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How to Switch to Natural Gas

How to Switch to Natural Gas

Save on energy by switching to natural gas this winter!

There are many options when it comes to selecting a fuel source to heat your home this winter. But, did you know that natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel and one of the most cost-effective solutions to heating your home or business? Not only does natural gas burn clean, but it is produced domestically within the United States making it a great fuel choice for your furnace, hot water heater, and other in-home appliances.

Benefits of Natural Gas

There are many benefits to choosing natural gas to fuel your home or commercial building, including but not limited to:

Energy efficiency Up to 90 percent of the natural gas within your pipeline is converted to energy, leaving energy loss at only 10 percent. Most modern natural gas heating systems are at least 85 percent energy efficient, making sure you get the most bang from your buck from your chosen energy source.

Environmentally beneficial Natural gas burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, like coal or oil, and is less harmful to the environment. Compared to other fossil fuels, it also emits less carbon dioxide (the primary greenhouse gas), sulfur dioxide (precursor of acid rain), and nitrogen oxide (leading contributor to smog and contaminated air).

Affordable – Natural gas is produced domestically and is a naturally abundant energy source. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), production of natural gas within the United States grew 4.8 percent in 2014 and is expected to grow another 2.3 percent in 2015. The EIA projects natural gas prices in the United States to remain low this winter through 2015, projecting an average of $3.83/MMBtu ($3.83 per one million British Thermal Units, the standard measure of energy content in fuel), compared to an average of $4.44/MMBtu in 2014.

How to Switch to Natural Gas in Virginia Beach

Making the switch to natural gas in Virginia Beach is simple contact your local energy provider and request the switch. Your local energy provider will work closely with you to schedule an appointment to switch your energy source to natural gas. Some things to consider when making the switch are:

  • What is the price of natural gas compared to my current fuel source?
  • Do I have a choice in my natural gas provider?
  • Do I have a natural gas hookup to my home or commercial property?
  • Do I have a natural gas furnace, stove, dryer, or other natural gas appliances?

However, if your home or commercial property is not already equipped with a natural gas hookup, making the switch to natural gas is more difficult. If a natural gas hookup is not found, a gas pipeline and other connections must be installed in order to utilize natural gas in your home or business and can result in an expensive project. Be sure to contact your local energy provider to determine if your home or business is capable of natural gas hookup.

For more information on how to switch to natural gas in Virginia Beach, contact your local energy provider.

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