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Increasing Heating Efficiency In Your Home

Increasing Heating Efficiency In Your Home

It’s getting chilly, and that means one thing: the dreaded heating bills are just around the corner. But, what if we told you that heating season didn’t have to come with such high increases in your monthly comfort costs? Well, we can. Here at American Mechanical, we promote efficient heating, and with that comes reduced energy consumption and lower associated costs.Here’s how to establish efficient heating in your home:

Assess Your Insulation

Your insulation matters. Heating your home will only be successful if your insulation is intact. Otherwise, you will lose a tremendous amount of heat through your walls, causing your heating system to work overtime to try and reach your dialed-in temperature. Not only will this result in insufficient heating but it will also demand a lot of power—a lose-lose situation.

So, rather than living with uneven heating and high energy costs, check to make sure that your in-wall insulation is up-to-date and not in need of any repairs. While you are assessing your insulation it is also important to note if you have any air leaks around your windows and doors. If you do, this is also contributing to your inadequate heating, as air leaks account for a 25% drop in your heating success. Make sure your home is properly sealed and insulated to mitigate this potential problem.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Switching to a smart thermostat will streamline your heating efforts, optimizing your climate control for energy efficiency. This will keep your heating costs low while delivering tailored heating to your home. With smart thermostat technology, you will be able to pre-set your heating schedules to match your daily routines! That way, you are never leaving your heat on when you are not around to enjoy it. Most smart thermostats also have motion-sensor capabilities that further protect you from forgetful behavior, making sure your system is not running while you are away.

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