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Is Your House Intelligent?

Is Your House Intelligent?

We’ve all experienced the familiar dread of the second-guess: “Did
I lock the front door? Did I leave the lights on? Will I be arrested if
I make a scene and get them to turn this plane around?!”

Quit worrying and travel with confidence with the Nexia™ home intelligence
system, now available through American Mechanical. With one quick tap
on your smartphone you can make sure that the door is locked, the lights
are off and you’re cleared for landing.

And when you return home, Nexia™ is waiting. Never again fumble for
keys, trip over the threshold and stumble inside, only to painfully stomp
on some invisible item lurking in the darkness. Now, one tap unlocks the
front door and triggers the interior lights. Thanks to the Nexia™
System, your home is welcoming you back.

Nexia™ is not just for homes. Transform your commercial business
into a fortress and never again worry about security. Smoke alarms and
motion detectors keep you in the loop with what is happening inside while
you’re away, and weatherproof outdoor cameras allow you to view
and record anything happening outside.

Should a burglar break in, you’ll know right away. You can even view
your business remotely, to determine whether it’s a burglar…or
just an employee who forgot something (again).

For only $10 per month, you can have access to over 2,000 compatible devices
and features, granting you total control over your home or business. There
is no contract or cancellation fee, and financing is available with approved credit.

An American Mechanical associate conducts in-house visits with minimal
initial setup and substantial follow-up support, alongside the dedicated
customer service offered by Nexia™.

Your home or business is now virtually impenetrable – and a lot safer.
That’s the American Difference.

Contact American Mechanical today to learn more about how the Nexia™
system can convert your home or business into a stronghold of epic proportions.

Go American & Discover the Difference.

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