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Keep Your Drains Clear

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Keep Your Drains Clear

Clogged drains are disgusting to deal with, especially when you’re not sure what led to the clog. Prevent yourself from having to deal with this situation by placing emphasis on keeping your drains clear of clogs in the first place. Keep reading for some of our best tips for clog prevention.

Shower and Bathtub Drains

Have you ever been in the middle of taking a shower only to look down and see that you’re standing in several inches of water? It’s a pretty gross feeling. To prevent this from happening again, you’ll need to keep your drains clear of debris. One of the most common cloggers of shower drains hair. So to keep your hair from blocking the water flow, we recommend using a mesh drain cover. It will let the water flow through the cover while blocking any debris from getting down.

Kitchen Drain

When it comes to clogged kitchen sinks, the most common culprit is food-related. We sometimes treat our garbage disposals like they’re built-in trash cans which is not true and typically is what leads to blocked sinks. To avoid future clogs, make sure to be extra mindful of these food items:

  • Fats, oils, grease
  • Starches such as potatoes, rice, or pasta
  • Fibrous foods like celery
  • Granules like coffee grounds or crushed eggshells
  • And so much more!

If you’re reading this blog too late and you’ve already got a clogged drain on your hands, don’t stress. Stay away from the chemical drain cleaners, and give us a call instead. We’ll be able to clear that blockage out of your sink or shower in no time. Visit our website to learn more about our drain cleaning services and give us a call at (757) 347-8549 to book an appointment!

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