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Key Maintenance Your Home Needs This Winter

Key Maintenance Your Home Needs This Winter

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that you probably enjoy winter more from the inside of your cozy house rather than being stuck outside in frigid temperatures, right? While the cold season can bring stunning snowflakes and admirable icicles, it can also bring unpleasant drafts and therefore, uncomfortable temperatures. If you want to keep enjoying winter from the inside this season, there are a few key maintenance tasks your home definitely needs:

Before Frigid Weather Settles In

  • Clean out gutters by removing leaves, sticks and other debris. Clogged gutters can cause leaks and ice dams, not to mention damage to your roofing or siding.

  • Check attic insulation and beef it up if necessary. It should be at least as high as the floor joists.

  • Remove screens from windows and doors to allow more natural light (and heat) in.

  • Clean out the inside of your fireplace and and have the chimney swept by a professional.

  • Prevent frozen pipes by insulating all of those by windows, doors and unheated areas of the house (attics, garages, etc.)

During Cold Days

  • Seal up cracks and gaps around windows and doors to prevent drafts.

  • Program your thermostat to remain at a constant temperature if you plan on being home most of the day. If you have plans, you can lower the thermostat a few degrees while you’re away.

  • Be sure to clean to or replace furnace filters to promote healthy breathing and keep your heating system running at peak performance.

  • Pay close attention to trees when it snows. Heavy, wet snow can cause branches to stress and break off, which can damage your home or your possessions.

  • Allow warm air to circulate around pipes to prevent freezing. We recommend opening pipe-containing cabinets and closet doors.

When your heating or plumbing system fails, you need fast and effective relief performed by professionals who actually know what they’re doing. American Mechanical is just that team. Give us a call at (757) 703-1529 to find out how we can help!

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