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Leaking Water Heater? Read This!

Leaking Water Heater? Read This!

If you have discovered that your water heater is leaking, you may be wondering
what to do about it. A leaking water heater should be fixed immediately
as even the smallest of leaks can cause major problems in your home. If
you are concerned and would like a professional to look at your water
heater, you can contact our
24 hour emergency plumber in Virginia Beach.

Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

There are a few reasons that your water heater may leak; the first thing
to do is to diagnose the problem. Once you have diagnosed the problem
you can decide on your next step. If your
water heater is electric, it is best to turn off the power so that you eliminate the
possibility of electric shock. Below are some of the main issues that
may be causing your water heater to leak.

  • Pipes and Connectors – The best place to start is by following along
    the water pipes that go into the water heater—check
    for holes or leaks. The fix may be as easy as tightening the pipes and
    connectors back up as quite often this is the cause of minor leaks.
  • The Pressure Valve – Your heaters temperature pressure relief valve
    can be found near the top of the water heater towards the side. If this
    valve is worn out, it can cause the water to leak from your water heater.
    You will need to have the valve replaced as soon as possible. Calling
    a plumber may be the best option when it comes to a faulty pressure valve.
  • Drain Valves – Your drain valve may be leaking. If this is the case,
    attach it to a short hose and let the water drain out into the bucket.
    In most cases this will fix the problem as it is likely leaking due to
    a backup. If your water heater is old, these drain valves may need to
    be replaced to fix any leaking.
  • Electric Water Heater Heating Element – If you have a leak in your
    electrical water heater, it could be because of an aging heating element
    gasket. Replacing the gasket could stop the leak. It is best to call a
    plumber to diagnose and replace the faulty element.
  • Aging Water Heater – If you find your water heater is still leaking
    and you have checked out all of the above, it may be time to replace your
    water heater. Water heaters have a limited life span and can end up costing
    you more in energy costs and repair then it would cost to purchase a new
    water heater.

maintenance on your water heater can prevent issues from occurring and stop you from having to purchase
a new water heater before its life span is up.

If you have a leak coming from your water heater, our 24 hour emergency
plumber in Virginia Beach can help you diagnose the issue and have your
water heater up and running again before any major damage is caused. No
matter what time of day it is our professional team can help. Contact us at American Mechanical Inc today.

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