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Lights Out! Fun Activities for Power Blackouts

Lights Out! Fun Activities for Power Blackouts

Storm season is once again upon us, and it’s time to prepare. American
Mechanical is always there for you and your appliances when they’re
broken, but what about when the power is out?

If you don’t have a generator, may we suggest that you have one installed?

We may not be able to give away generators, but we can give away great
advice. We’ve searched the internet and our hearts and come up with
these activities for blackouts. Enjoy!

Illuminate: You’ll need to stock up on candles, batteries, flashlights, etc.

There are a ton of fun ways to light up your home without electricity.
Grab every candle you can find and slide each into a drinking glass –
the more variety in glasses and candles, the better.

Our favorite version of this technique is upside-down wine glasses –
candle on “top” and something fun inside the glass below –
Google it, you’ll see what we mean. There are a hundred different approaches.

Another fun way to light up your space is to strap a headlamp on an empty
milk jug (gallon size for maximum brightness). Kids will thoroughly enjoy
this homemade “lantern.”

Socialize: The more the merrier, the less the scarier.

A power outage while alone can be really nice – pull out that book
you started reading ten years ago, grab that kitty who never wants to
cuddle and pop open that bottle you’ve been saving – while
the storm rages, you’re turning pages.

However, inviting over a few friends and relatives, and maybe even some
of the neighbors can transform “powering through” to “I
hope the power goes out again next weekend!”

If you’ve accumulated a decent-sized gathering, then the possibilities
are nearly limitless. A large group can start a game of poker or Monopoly
(when else will you potentially have four hours to kill?) or even put
on a show!

Split into groups and write quick scripts, design some fast costumes using
whatever is lying around and run through a hilarious rehearsal before
presenting your opening act. If you or your guests have children, string
up a sheet and have them entertain you with some homemade puppets and
a cleverly-placed flashlight. Bonus: After the show, they can transform
the ‘stage’ into a fort.

Take turns telling the tale of the funniest/scariest/craziest thing to
ever happen to you – or someone you know, etc. There are no rules
in a blackout. Just tell a great story and share a few laughs/screams/gasps
with good company. Real interpersonal connections can feel so rare in
our digitized world; you’ll likely be stunned at how long it’s
been since you shared a genuine face-to-face conversation about something
other than work or the weather.

Eat! It’s probably going to go bad soon, anyways.

Depending on how long the power’s been out, and how long you expect
it to be out, you might be best served by simply stuffing your face with
deli meat or leftover birthday cake.

As you can see, there are a million ways to have fun without electricity;
and even when the power’s out, American Mechanical is here for you.
We can’t give away generators, but we’re happy to repair or
install one for you!

Give us a call today, and we’ll throw in an empty milk jug – just in case you want
to turn off the generator some nights and play ‘Lights Out!’

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