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New Year’s HVAC Resolutions

New Year’s HVAC Resolutions

It’s a new year, and for many people that means a fresh start. Whether
you ambitiously list resolutions or maintain an impassive indifference
to the hype, we’ve got some ideas about how to make 2016 a standout
year for your
HVAC system.

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are pretty smart resolutions
for any business or homeowner who wants to save time, money and energy
by utilizing the full potential of their HVAC system. And you don’t
even have to step foot in the gym!

Resolutions for 2016:

1. Check for leaks once or twice a year. Nothing leaches your heat, AC
or money like a leak in the ductwork. To make sure your ducts are sealed,
you can “smoke out” the leaks with a stick of incense. Hold
the incense up to spots where the unit meets windows and look for erratic
movements in the smoke stream. If you find a leak, you can always call
American Mechanical, Inc. to take care of the problem, or you can try
the DIY hack.

DIY: Use foil tape and foam to patch up the leak and keep your heat inside,
where it belongs!

2. Clear away any foliage (bushes, shrubs, hanging branches, tall grass,
etc.) from the air compressor/condensor, extending a 24-inch clearing
around your unit. Doing so will keep it free of obstructions and running smoothly.

Pro Tip: Direct sunlight can reduce the efficiency of such units by up
to 10%. Invest in a sunshade or screen, or have it installed in a shady
area if you are moving or replacing an older model.

3. Use the sunlight to your advantage. When running your heater, leave
blinds up and open to augment the temperature. During warmer months, close
the shades.

Pro Tip: Leave ceiling fans on, along with AC, for an extra boost.

4. Check insulation in attics and crawl spaces. Ducts in these places require
extra insulation, and leaks in these locations can become very costly.

DIY: You can use a variety of products to seal up a bad duct. Try batt
or rigid-foam insulation, or just spray foam insulator. Follow up batt
& rigid with foil tape. Use Reflectix for cramped spaces.

5. Invest in an annual deep cleaning, performed by an industry professional.
We don’t mind sharing our tips and tricks for fixer-uppers, but
just like a car, your HVAC system and ductwork require routine maintenance
and an inspection never hurts.

Why go American? Whether you’re concerned about your system for a
particular reason or would simply prefer to avoid costly repairs, American
Mechanical, Inc. is happy to be your preventative technicians and repairmen.

Contact American Mechanical, Inc. today if you’re interested in our HVAC, plumbing, gas or electric
services. We offer financing with approved credit through Wells Fargo
with approved credit and our
PEAK Performance program is specifically designed to keep your system running in peak condition,
all year long.

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