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Peak Performance Program – Home Winterization

Peak Performance Program – Home Winterization

Winter comes with all sorts of unexpected surprises and experiences unique
to this special time of year. However, winter also brings with it harsh,
often unexpected weather conditions, which is why it’s so important
to have your home winterized before the ice, wind and snow make an appearance.
Winterizing means making preparations for the weather ahead. There are
several things you can do to keep you and your family comfortable when
“the weather outside is frightful!”

Our PEAK Performance Program offers you a peace of mind so you can focus
on the important things this season. This program is designed to reduce
your utility and repair costs while ensuring maximum comfort in your home.
American Mechanical in Virginia Beach offers quality solutions from professionals
you can trust…GUARANTEED!

American Mechanical, Incorporated offers a PEAK Performance Program to
you for $189.00 a year for the first unit and $159.00 for each additional
unit. This PEAK Performance Program is designed to keep your heating and
cooling system in “peak condition” for the weather yet to
come! During this service (conducted in the Spring and Fall), the technician
will inspect the system for any problems, thoroughly inspect and clean
the unit and perform preventive maintenance services.

This service, completed on a regularly scheduled basis, can extend the
life of your system by as much as 50%, by making you, the homeowner, aware
of any potential malfunction of your system before it happens. This will
allow you time to get the problem fixed before the temperature drops.
Up to 80% of all air conditioning and heat pump compressor failures could
be prevented, if the problems leading to system failure were corrected
in a timely manner.

During the PEAK Performance check, we test for the presence of carbon monoxide,
if you have a gas furnace. We can also install carbon monoxide detectors
in your home to offer additional protection against this odorless, deadly
chemical which has been dubbed the “silent killer.”
Call Noel in our HVAC Department for more information, or to sign up.

Frozen pipes are also a major concern during cold weather. American Mechanical,
Incorporated offers to insulate your pipes to help prevent freezing.
Call Renee in our Plumbing Department for more information on this important
service which is available for you.

With the ever-present threat of winter storms, it is also a good idea to
consider a home standby generator. American Mechanical, Incorporated is
a GENERAC dealer. We would be happy to assist you with a no-cost in-home
consultation to determine your individual/family needs so that you and
your family are adequately protected when the power goes out.
Call Lou in our Electrical Department for more information, and to arrange
your free consultation.

Call the Professionals You Can Trust . Call American Mechanical today to
schedule your onsite visit. It will be the last telephone call you have
to make to keep your family safe and comfortable this winter season.

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