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Prepare Your Heating System for Colder Weather

Prepare Your Heating System for Colder Weather

FURNACE INSTALLATION AND REPLACEMENT. The average furnace offers an average
service life of 15 years. With yearly maintenance your furnace may last
longer. Without maintenance it may fail sooner. If your furnace is close
to the end of its estimated service life and frequent breakdowns occur,
you may choose furnace replacement over repair. When facing repairs totaling
over 50% of the cost of a new unit, replacing the unit may be the best
option for you! If you desire high efficiency models for furnace installation,
look for furnaces with an annual fuel utilization ratio in the 90s. This
value tells you as a homeowner how much heat the furnace creates for every
dollar of heating fuel the unit consumes. The highest efficiency models
have a ratio of between 80 and 90. The highest efficiency models have

HEAT PUMP SYSTEMS. There are many ways to heat a home. From furnaces to
fireplaces, homeowners have many options available to them! Which one
is best for your home? Perhaps you have heard of a heat pump, but could
you tell it apart from a furnace? Air source heat pumps only run efficiently
when the outdoor temperatures are above freezing. If you live in a region
where the temperatures drop below 32 degrees, you should not choose a
heat pump as the sole source of your heating. In areas of mild winters
, air source heat pump systems are a perfect option to provide the heating
you need. Depending upon the specifics of your climate, you may not need
a backup heating system. For more information on heating/cooling options
and to find out which system is best for you, CALL AMERICAN MECHANICAL
TODAY FOR A HEAT PUMP EVALUATION! Don’t procrastinate now only to
get stressed out when the your systems fails during cold weather!

HVAC MAINTENANCE. As a homeowner, you have a lot of money invested in your
HVAC system and it is important to make sure it is working right, running
smooth and operating efficiently. Regular system maintenance is paramount
to making sure you stay comfortable in your home when the temperatures
fall. So…what can you as a homeowner expect from a maintenance
visit? During the visit, the technician will do an overall check of your
system. This includes making sure the system is operating correctly and
if parts are needed, they will take care of replacing those items. Our
technician will perform a general safety check to look for any problems
which may cause a dangerous environment inside your home! We will inspect
your equipment for cracks in the heat exchanger (very health hazardous
situation). We will also make sure your system is not leaking carbon monoxide
(which is deadly). Our technician will clean the interior components of
the system which homeowners are unable to have access to such as evaporator
coils, condensers and compressors. After the technician evaluates the
system, he will fix any small issues that have been found such as replacing
worn out parts and tightening/aligning the belts. After the maintenance
visit has been completed, the technician will give you a written report
of the status of the system, make recommendations to maintain your system
and answer any and all of your questions! American Mechanical offers a
Home Care Agreement which (among other benefits and features offers two
(2) HVAC inspections per year in the Spring and Fall time of the year).


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