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Preparing for Hurricane Season in Virginia Beach

Preparing for Hurricane Season in Virginia Beach

It’s almost hurricane season in Virginia Beach. How prepared is your
home or business?

In the Virginia Beach area, hurricane season typically runs from June through
November, with most storms occurring in the August and September months.
While there are many devastating side effects of hurricanes, one of the
most inconvenient ones is power loss.

For many businesses and homeowners, it’s essential to not lose power.
The best way to protect your home or business against power loss during
a hurricane is to
install a generator.

If you already have a generator, you need to make sure it works when you
need it. So if you haven’t had your generator maintenance yet this
year, now’s the time, before hurricane season is upon us!

Choosing a Generator

At American Mechanical, we sell and install both standby and portable generators by
Generac, which we believe are the most efficient generators in the industry. We’ll
also service and install all makes and models of generators, whether they
were sold by us or not.

We can help you choose the right generator based on your home or commercial
space needs.

The Importance of Generator Maintenance

It kind of defeats the purpose of having a generator if it doesn’t
work when your power fails! Scheduling
preventative generator maintenance is key to ensuring that your generator will perform when you need it the most.

When you schedule generator maintenance in Virginia Beach with American
Mechanical, we’ll perform a thorough check of the entire generator
system to identify small problems before they become expensive ones. This
will help preserve the life of your generator—ensuring
it lasts for hurricane seasons to come!

In addition, we’ll also charge or replace your generator battery
if needed. Without a properly charged battery your generator will not
start. We have documented that generators older than three years often
fail to respond due to battery failure. Therefore, we recommend replacing
any battery that is more than three years old. American Mechanical, Inc.
also offers battery replacement at the time of annual maintenance on generators
up to 45KW. This includes the battery installation and a check of the
charging system during your maintenance visit.

Is Your Home or Business Ready for Hurricane Season?

We offer free estimates on generator installations throughout the Virginia
Beach area, so get yours now before the start of hurricane season. If
you already have a generator, consider a maintenance contract with American
Mechanical. You’ll receive special discounted rates on repairs or
services during your contract while also ensuring that your generator
works when it needs to.

We invite you to check out our
reviews and call us or
fill out a form today to learn more about generator installation, repair, or maintenance
with American Mechanical.

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