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Standby Generators Vs. Portable Generators

Standby Generators Vs. Portable Generators

If you are considering purchasing a generator for your home, you may be
considering the merits of either a portable generator or a standby generator.
Keeping a generator in your home or business is a great idea in hurricane-prone
areas like Virginia Beach. Generators can help when a power source is
not available, or in times when the power goes out and you need to continue
to provide electricity to your home or commercial space.

Two popular generator options include the standby generator and the portable

What Is the Differences between a Portable Generator and a Standby Generator?

Portable Generators

As the name suggests, a portable generator can be moved around to provide
power backup in different locations. You may be able to power a few of
your major appliances during power failure but a portable generator will
not provide power to your whole home.

Portable generators require set up each time they are used, and must be
used in a space that provides plenty of ventilation. These generators
run on fuel, be it propane or gasoline, and appliances plug directly into
the generator. Power supply may last around six to eight hours.

Standby Generators

A standby generator is a generator that is permanently installed and is
connected to natural gas or a propane tank. These generators have the
ability to provide power to the whole house, for an extended period, when
outages occur.

Standby generators can be purchased in different sizes, so that they can
provide the correct amount of electricity that may be needed in a particular
home. They must be installed by a professional so that all code compliance is met.

What Type of Generator Do I Need in Virginia Beach?

    • Portable generators are good if you are just looking to power one or two
      appliances such as a refrigerator and light source.
    • Portable generators can also be used for RVs or other off-home electrical needs.
    • If you live in an area that is prone to blackouts, or bad weather conditions,
      or you just wish to be prepared for any emergency, a standby generator is best.
    • Due to its permanent installation and ability to run for days on end, standby
      generators will help you run all your appliances, lighting, and help heat
      or cool your house.

Need Generator Service in Virginia Beach?

By choosing the right generator you will be prepared to meet your power
needs no matter what situation arises. American Mechanical can help.

With the recent increase of unexplained severe weather and even earthquakes
in our area,
generator installation in Virginia Beach has become a more compelling option than ever before.

At American Mechanical, we’re proud to sell and install Generac generators,
residential standby generators as well as portable generators.

As one of the most trusted names in standby power, we believe that Generac
generators are the most efficient models in the industry, and we can help
you determine the right generator for your needs. Call American Mechanical
to get a free estimate for your generator installation.

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