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Sump Pump 101

Sump Pump 101

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an appliance that diverts groundwater away from your home. It’s
typically installed in either the basement or crawlspace to prevent flooding
during a storm. Because sump pumps feature a built-in pressure sensor,
they automatically activate as the water level rises. When your sump is
functioning correctly, water damage will be far less likely to occur.

Sump Pump Maintenance

A sump is an extremely durable component. However, it still needs to be
properly maintained. One of the most important maintenance steps is to
clean the pump’s inlet screen regularly. Over time, this screen
can become clogged with debris. Therefore, while the screen is out, check
for signs of corrosion.

Now, if your sump pump doesn’t have sealed bearings, it will need
to be lubricated with a special oil. This simple maintenance task will
help ensure optimum performance.

Furthermore, about once a year, it’s a good idea to remove your sump
pump from its pit. You’ll need to check the drainpipes and clean
the grate. Also, inspect the power cord to make sure it’s in good

How to Tell if Your Sump Pump is Working

An easy way to test your sump pump is to listen for a hum when turning
it on. Simply plug in the main cord into an outlet. If you don’t
hear anything, there’s a definite problem.

Next, gather a five-gallon bucket of water. Slowly pour the water over
the sump’s basin. The unit should start to push out water at a certain
point. A failed test may indicate a bad pump motor or stuck float switch.

If your sump pump continues to run after it has removed all of the water,
a repair is needed. Running the sump pump dry for an extended period will
ultimately cause your unit to burn out.

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