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The Dangers of Electric Problems

The Dangers of Electric Problems

Most appliances or household items are going to show signs before they
become a danger. You, as the homeowner, need to be aware of these issues.
The more knowledge you have of the warning signs, the more likely you
are to prevent something from happening.

The 7 Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong

  1. There is a problem with the circuit breaker. They will begin to trip when they are either overloaded, old or both.
    Once or twice is no big deal. More than once or twice is a warning sign.
    It is telling you that there is an issue that needs to be tended to. Do
    not attempt to do this yourself.
  2. Do you feel an electric shock? Mild shocks may be caused by old wiring. Static on the carpet may be due
    to something like the winter weather. Anything else needs to be taken
    seriously, even the shocks due to the old wiring. You need to speak with
    someone from with knowledge of these types of situations right away.
  3. You need to check your ceiling fans. Fixtures that are insulated poorly need to be checked out. Do you have
    an overdose in your lighting with the wattage? Too much energy will cause
    the light to overheat. Try switching to LED lights. You may have a bigger
    issue if this does not go away.
  4. Do you have a flickering light? You may want to try to replace the bulb. It may be old, tired or not the
    right one for the fixture. Does the light still flicker? You may want
    to call someone to discuss your issues and learn about potential fixes.
    The issue may be much deeper than you think.
  5. Do you have any light fixtures or outlets that are not working right now? Do they only work every so often? This is a sign that something is wrong.
    You are going to making things worse by not taking care of it.
  6. Do you smell a burning odor of some kind? Turn off everything having to do with the fixture and call someone at American
    Mechanical. A burning odor is a sign that a fire is going to start. It
    is telling you to do something now.
  7. Do you see electrical sparks happening? Once or twice is not a big deal. When it is happening numerous times it
    is a sign that something is wrong.

Are you facing any or all of the situations right now? Do not wait. Call
American Mechanical and let
our skilled technicians come and take a look. This is not something you should handle on your
own. Let a professional fix it for you.

Contact our team today.

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