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Things That Bring Down Indoor Air Quality

Things That Bring Down Indoor Air Quality

Are you trying to improve your home’s indoor air quality? Now, more than ever, it’s essential to make sure that your home’s IAQ is top-tier and nothing less. However, while it may seem impossible to improve the quality of your humble abode’s air quality, it’s actually relatively simple.

Here are some items, and actions, that can be continuously bringing down your indoor air quality:

What Can Hurt My Indoor Air Quality?

Scented Candles

Do you like to light scented candles in your home? If so, they’re hurting your indoor air quality — rather than helping it. Whether they have a scent like lavender or vanilla cupcakes, these waxy wonders are packed with an array of harmful chemicals that go airborne the minute you light your candle.

Air Fresheners

While on the topic of scented home products, are you fond of using sprayable air fresheners? Well, if that happens to be accurate, we have some bad news for you: they bog down your IAQ. Sadly, these cans that smell like watermelon and fresh apple pie are composed of chemicals to help obtain that scent — which isn’t the best for your indoor air quality or respiratory health.

Cleaning Products

On average, what do you use to clean your home? Like most homeowners, they use an assortment of household cleaning products to wipe down and sanitize their humble abode. While it is necessary to keep your living space glimmering, those chemical cleaning agents are tarnishing your indoor air quality — and they’re not so great for your well-being, either.

If anything, you’ll want to look for products that can be considered “green cleaners” and have little-to-no harmful chemical additives in their composition to get the job done.

If You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality, We Have the Solutions You’re Looking For!

At American Mechanical, we want to help homeowners improve their indoor air quality. Therefore, we perform filter replacement as a part of HVAC maintenance, as well as offer a variety of indoor air quality products that can make a difference in your humble abode. Give us a call today at (757) 347-8549 to schedule an appointment.

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