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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Ready, Set, Romance!

Valentine’s Day is coming up quick, and there’s nothing worse
than realizing the big day has arrived…and you’re totally
unprepared. Let American Mechanical
Gas &
Plumbing be your secret weapon this year.

Take a look at our tips and tricks for a last-minute Valentine date that’s
totally romantic. Even better, all of these supplies can be picked up
almost anywhere, for under $50.

The Prep: V-Day falls on a Sunday this year, so plan accordingly. Arrange
for the kids to sleep over with a family member, good friend or even the
babysitter, because nothing ruins the mood quicker than an uninvited guest
(who may or may not have just wet the bed).

Once the little ones are taken care of, send your loved one off on some
sort of errand so that you can begin building your love lair. Swing by
the store on your way home on Friday or make a quick trip out early on
Sunday. Pick up all or some of the following items for a passionate evening
at home with that special someone. You may even find that you already
have everything you need.

  • Soft, thick blanket – at least one – and pillows.
  • Candles – Tea lights are a practical and affordable option.
  • Mason jars -or- Dixie cups -or- Wine glasses.
  • A small treat that you know your date loves, but doesn’t indulge in often.

The Mood: Once you’ve gotten your materials together, it’s
time to begin decorating your lair. In the interest of preserving the
romance, it’s important to make your chosen room look less like
itself, while still feeling like home. This creates an atmosphere of comfort,
without responsibility. If it doesn’t look like the room that is
usually strewn with dirty laundry and dishes, it won’t feel stressful
and you’ll both be able to relax.

  • Create mood-setting candle holders from your assorted cups:
    • Mason Jars: Fill with coffee beans or sand, sea shells, decorative stones
      – even water – for a beautiful effect that is sure to impress
      upon your partner how creative and attentive you are.
    • Dixie Cups: If you’ve got the time and supplies, use a paintbrush
      to embellish your mini candle holders (a little color goes a long way)
      or try covering the outside with decorative paper, tin foil, ribbon –
      anything will work – and taping or stapling into place.
    • Wine Glasses: You can decorate glasses in numerous ways, or simply flip
      them upside-down and set the candles on the now-upwards-facing base for
      a quirky yet elegant vibe.
    • Don’t let us hold you back – there are literally
      unlimited variations on DIY candle holders. Get creative! Try hanging your mason jars from
      hooks or light fixtures, or staggering your dixie cups on furniture of
      varying heights.
  • Turn off all the lights in the house & cover the clocks.
    • Turn off the breaker box entirely for an
      intimate atmosphere of coziness.
    • If not turning off breaker box, switch off HVAC unit to achieve that desired
      “huddle closer for warmth” effect.
  • Light up your gas fireplace shortly after the house begins to cool down.
    • If you don’t have a fireplace, download the fireplace app or pick
      up a little bubbling water fountain from a drugstore to create ambiance.
      Don’t just stick to the script – make this evening your own
      and tailor it to suit your relationship.
  • Lay out two or three blankets in front of the fireplace (or screen) and
    begin constructing your nest. The softest and thickest blanket you have
    should be spread atop the rest.
  • Strategically deploy pillows throughout your nest for optimal comfort and
    light candles.
  • Place all cell phones, laptops, tablets (except the one acting as a fireplace)
    in another room and close the door.

The Date: When your date arrives home to find the place transformed into
a den of love, present them with their treat (whether it’s a bouquet
of roses or a stick of jerky) and lead them to the nest.

The two of you can spend the evening however you want – it doesn’t
matter what you do, because you’re giving each other the gift of
your time. Talk, laugh, dream, re-enact your first date, have a pillow
fight, play a game. As long as you’re together, you’ll both
have a fantastic Valentine’s day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Valentine’s Day Survival Guide,
and are able to avoid the doghouse this fourteenth.
American Mechanical in Virginia Beach is here for your HVAC, Plumbing, Gas…and Heart.

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