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What Are Those Spooky Sounds Coming From My HVAC?

What Are Those Spooky Sounds Coming From My HVAC?

Dark And Stormy Nights

With the spooky season here, ghouls and ghosts may roam the streets, but a more sinister fright might be lurking in your very own home. You may notice something that goes bump in the night. While your mind may rush to the thought of the howls of the undead, you might be dealing with something far more frightening. That’s right, your HVAC system! While you might not be aware of it, your HVAC system can make some odd noises, and we are here to tell you what that might mean.

Rattling Noises

Rattling HVAC systems can be annoying to hear throughout your day, especially at night, but the root cause of the issue can be an easy fix. Make sure to power off your HVAC system entirely before taking a look inside your HVAC unit to check for any debris. Sometimes rocks or other fallen objects can cause rattling sounds as your fans turn on. If the issue is not any debris, make sure to check the coils or other vital components of your HVAC system to see if any structural damage could be the source of the rattling. To address structural damage, call our pros, and we can make sure we stop that rattling before it becomes an expensive replacement.

Hissing Sounds

Unless you live right next to the bayou, that hissing sound you hear can be your HVAC system and not a giant snake slithering around your home. Sometimes, when there are issues with the HVAC unit’s compressor or refrigerant, you can hear hissing sounds, whether a leak or pressure issue. Likewise, with gas furnaces, you may hear hissing noises when there is an air leak in your ducts.

Buzzing or Humming Sounds

Loud constant buzzing or humming can be a lot of things ranging from debris to a faulty fan motor. Buzzing or humming can be a little misleading because you may think the issue is not a big deal until it is too late. While sometimes the root cause of the slight noise can be debris, other times you can have refrigerant leaks, broken compressors, or even a broken fan that, when left without any professional maintenance, can lead to far more costly repairs down the line.

Whatever the cause of your HVAC system creating strange noises, you need to get the unit inspected immediately. Always air on the side of caution as you want to avoid potentially messy situations that could lead to far more expensive repairs by letting the underlying HVAC issue fester. At American Mechanical we can help make sure your HVAC system is in tip-top shape, so call us today at (757) 347-8549, and our pros can help sort out any problems you may have.

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