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What Does A Generator Installation Typically Consist Of?

What Does A Generator Installation Typically Consist Of?

Power outages today are seemingly more devastating than those of the past. Why, you ask? Well, just think about how technology has evolved over the last decade or so — we basically can’t live without power. With that said, more and more homeowners are choosing to protect their homes with generators and they can certainly help you and your family weather just about any storm.

But just like lots of other home projects, standby generators require a bit of a complex installation process. After all, they’re permanently installed and need to be connected to a power source (either natural gas or a propane tank) and for that reason, there are a number of steps.

What is a Standby Generator?

These generators have the ability to provide power to the whole house, for an extended period, when outages occur. This means you’ll be able to continue on with life like you normally would, even when the power goes out to your neighborhood.

You’ll be able to continue using your refrigerator and other kitchen appliances, you’ll have hot water just like you would any other day of the year and you’ll even be able to run your heating and air conditioning systems as needed.

Standby generators can be purchased in different sizes, so that they can provide the correct amount of electricity that may be needed in a particular home. They must be installed by a professional so that all code compliance is met.

What Does Generator Installation Require?

First off, your home and your yard need to be prepared for generator installation. This includes figuring out the best place to locate the generator and making sure your electrical system can handle the new machine.

Trenching may also be required and permits from the town or the city are another common component of the installation process. After all, following through with a standby generator installation without proper forms and permits being filled out can result in fines or other disciplinary actions.

Finally, as we mentioned above, standby generators require a power source. Natural gas or propane can be used to fire up the system and deliver power to your home.

If you live in the Virginia Beach area, we can help you determine the right residential generator for your needs. Call American Mechanical to get a free estimate for your home generator installation.

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