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What is a Slit Heat Pump?

What is a Slit Heat Pump?

Weather conditions in the Virginia Beach area can be very unpredictable, particularly in the cooler winter months. You may want to consider installing a split heat pump a quiet, energy efficient method of heating and cooling your Virginia home—perfect for those warm summer days and cooler winter months.

Split Heat Pump How Does it Work?

Similar to a ductless air conditioner, a split heat pump allows you to control the temperature of a room where a traditional HVAC system does not already exist. Typically, split heat pumps can be found mounted high on the wall or on the ceiling of a windowless room, a room that needs extra heating or cooling to maintain consistent temperatures, or in a newly build home addition. A split heat pump uses two units to keep your Virginia home comfortable; an indoor and outdoor unit.

Heating Cycle

During its heating cycle, the outdoor unit of your split heat pump uses Freon a chemical gas to absorb heat from outdoor air. The warm Freon gas then travels through small pipes to the indoor unit, where the heat passes through coils and warm your room, while the Freon gas remains trapped inside the piping and returns outdoors.

Cooling Cycle

During the hot, humid Virginia summers your split heat pump reverses airflow, making sure its room is kept at a comfier temperature. The Freon gas within the indoor unit absorbs warm air, removing any leftover heat and moisture from inside the house. Traveling to the outdoor unit’s compressor, the Freon gas passes through the outdoor coil, releasing its warm air outside.

Benefits of Split Heat Pumps

There are many advantages of installing a split heat pump. Take a look at some of these benefits below:

  • A split heat pump is energy efficient, which means comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills!
  • Split heat pumps are easy to install, however you should always let the experts at American Mechanical install your in-home split heat pumps Split heat pumps are smaller than traditional window units. Quiet operation allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home without any unwanted noises.

Why Choose American Mechanical to Install Your Split Heat Pump in the VA
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If you’re looking to install a split heat pump in your household, or need repairs, contact American Mechanical. We bring over 30 years of
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  • Charge by the job, not by the hour no hidden fees!
  • Offer 24 hour emergency service in Virginia Beach.
  • Install, repair, upgrade, and replace HVAC equipment.

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