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What is Reme Halo?

What is Reme Halo?

What is Reme Halo?

For many homeowners, there are a number of things that they can do in order
to ensure that they have the best quality of air inside their home. This
can include making sure air filters are clean and consistently changed
to prevent mold or other buildup, as well as constant cleaning to remove
dirt, dust, and debris from the home. One option to consider is the REME
HALO® air purification system.

What is It?

This award-winning system allows for clean air in the home. Every cubic
inch where the air condition reaches will be purified by the unit, helping
to alleviate some of the common issues caused by bad particles inside
the air ducts.

How Does it Work?

Using dual ionizers to help reduce the number of airborne particles, the
unit filters the air going through it so everything that comes out and
into the home is safer to breathe. The unit kills 99% of bacteria, mold,
viruses, and sneeze germs. The proven system was designed to recreate
the natural process in which air is purified, making it similar to the
fresh outdoor air.

This is very beneficial for those who have allergies triggered from things
such as pollen, mold spores, dander, and dust. It can also help with smells
from cooking, pets, laundry, and much more to provide the most comfortable
and pure experience for each homeowner.

At American Mechanical, we are dedicated to helping homeowners and business
owners have the best in air purification. We are firm believers in the
REME HALO® system and its abilities to keep you, your home, and your
family safe from dangerous pollutants. We are here to help you when you
need it most. If you have noticed your family getting sick often, allergies
running rampant, or issues with the quality of your indoor air, let us
take a look and determine the best option for you.

Call us today to get started.

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